Moral Degradation: Which Way is The Society Moving?


The recent high profile murder case of Sheena Bora that involves influential names like Indrani Mukherjea and Peter Mukherjea, not only provides a perfect plot for a crime thriller, but also brings out the murkier side of a high society. From mysterious relationships to money matters they take aristocracy to a different level which leaves us horror-struck! Such matters do not just attract the media attention, but also please the senses of the inquisitive viewers getting some daily entertainment feed as a substitute to their mundane TV soaps.

Though there have been quite a few high profile murder trials in the past that involved family members, there have been a few others also that spurred the trend of dingy angles of family relationships. Dig further and you discover all their dirty secrets involving sex, scandal, sleaze and mental imbalance.

It all started with the Arushi Talwar murder case which made the news headlines across the nation for the next few months. It was tagged as India’s most controversial trials of all time considering the dirty facts that later came into picture. The young girl’s physical proximity with the domestic help (Hemraj) or her father’s extra-marital affair, it highlighted the ailing mindsets existing in the society.

The recent Robinson Street case in Kolkata shocked the entire nation with its nauseating facts where a man named Partha De was found living with the skeletons of his elder sister and two pet dogs. His 70 year old father died in a suspected suicide the previous night. According to Partha’s statements, Aurobindo De, his father was evidently feeding the skeletons regularly as he was living in denial that his daughter and the pets died six month back. Mysterious sounds (recorded), black magic, sexual fascinations and mental instability, it’s a different civilization that came into light unknown to us. IndiaTv96fa41_Sheena-Indrani

Now with the two media honchos Indrani Mukherjea and the former Star TV CEO Peter Mukherjea in limelight for all the wrong reasons, the ugly face of the rotten relationships come to the fore. It’s not just about a beautiful young woman being killed who had an equally beautiful life ahead, but it’s also about how a woman could slay her own daughter in cold-blood.

Whether Sheena was murdered over property issues or there are further murky facts beneath that is yet to be revealed. But, what appall us here are the lurid facts that keep unfolding each day and the mask comes off from carefully camouflaged faces. The mystery in the relationships where no one knows the paternal side of Sheena Bora and Mikhail Bora till the identity of Siddharth Das unveils, and what was actually going on between Sheena and Rahul Mukherjea who should have been logically her brother in relation! The fact that Indrani was an over-ambitious woman in the quest for wealth and success at the cost of affluent husbands is crystal clear, but the mystery that still remains is the real motive behind the murder of her daughter Sheena.

You call them famous or rather ignominious with no moral values whatsoever and no respect for relationships, we wonder where the society is moving with such heralds of contemporary India exhibiting utter moral degradation.


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